Mar 272014
5 Steps to Collecting 500 LinkedIn Connections

500 LinkedIn Connections – The Key. The overriding purpose of this site is to help you get the most out of LinkedIn. To that end, guiding you along the way and showing you how to obtain 500 LinkedIn connections will greatly increase how much you get out of LinkedIn. But LinkedIn works best if you network the way I recommend  – with “Relevant Connections”. While joining the LinkedIn 500 Club is not “The Only Key” – it is a big part of getting the most out of your LinkedIn efforts. As I refer more and more people to my blog [Read More…]

Mar 262014
Checklist for Choosing Your LinkedIn Groups

Choosing Your LinkedIn Groups. In the previous article, “Want More Invites? Join Your LinkedIn Groups!”, we discussed the necessity of joining all your LinkedIn groups.  We also mentioned that a good list of LinkedIn groups would have a total of 20 or 30 groups for you to join.  The following case studies and checklist should give you the tools to create your own list of 20 or more LinkedIn groups to join. Case Study #1 – How I Chose My LinkedIn Groups I’ll explain a little about me and use myself as the first example. I’m an Certified Public Accountant, but [Read More…]

Mar 252014
Want More Invites? Join Your Linkedin Groups!

Join Your LinkedIn Groups. I’m writing this article out of frustration because I really think many people still don’t understand how connecting on LinkedIn works – or at least How To Make It Work Better. If you don’t Join Your LinkedIn Groups, you are wasting one of the biggest networking opportunities LinkedIn offers. I personally don’t send a LinkedIn invite to anyone who is not a member of one of the same LinkedIn groups I am. It blows my mind when I run across someone, especially locally, whom I have a lot in common with and I know a connection [Read More…]

Mar 132014
Good Things Happen When You Get Over 500 LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn 500+ Connections. Well your co-workers aren’t really going to throw you a party, but good things do happen when you get over 500 contacts in your LinkedIn network.  I think things began to happen once I crossed over about 400, but it’s hard to tell.  Honestly, once I crossed over 400 connections, I invested several straight hours daily into developing my LinkedIn network and joined the LinkedIn 500 Club within a week.   Why 500 LinkedIn Contacts? Well once your LinkedIn network has 500 or more 1st level connections, LinkedIn simply posts “500+ Connections” on your public profile. Beyond [Read More…]

Mar 122014
Using LinkedIn Advanced People Search to Refine Your Search Results

Using the LinkedIn Advanced People Search In a previous article we discussed using the basic LinkedIn Search. We also discussed the LinkedIn Search Results “Control Panel” on the left side of the results pages.  Here we will go beyond the basic search and explore the LinkedIn Advanced People Search screen. After a while, just varying the search terms in the basic LinkedIn search becomes ineffective for several reasons including these: Your 1st levels always appear at the top of your results, so the more 1st levels you have, the more pages of your search results are used by listing these [Read More…]

Mar 112014
Connecting with 3rd Level LinkedIn Group Members

Connecting with Group Members is Hard to Find First of all, this is not a problem for LinkedIn premium accounts – only for the 85% of us unpaid subscribers.  LinkedIn groups have always been one of the best ways to connect with other LinkedIn members.  However, some changes LinkedIn has made in the past year or so, have somehow helped to bury this ability quite a bit. LinkedIn Relationship Labels Some Different Meanings in Your Search Results In a standard LinkedIn search, there are 4 possible “labels” for LinkedIn relationships.  Immediately to the right of a persons name will be [Read More…]

Mar 102014
LinkedIn FAQ - LinkedIn Search Results - Group Members

How Can I Limit My Search Results to Only Members of My LinkedIn Groups? If you are comfortable with my method of sending LinkedIn invites and connecting with other LinkedIn group members, you will need an easy way to find them. Initially, when I was reviewing a LinkedIn Profile I would scroll down to the “In Common With” area to find out if they were members of one of my LinkedIn groups. While the “In Common With” area is still one of the best spots to look when reviewing someones profile –  there’s a much better way to eliminate Non-Group [Read More…]

Mar 082014
LinkedIn FAQ - Sending a LinkedIn Invite

How Do I Send a LinkedIn Invite to Someone I Don’t Know? Outside of your previously existing contacts, the easiest people to send a LinkedIn Invite to are 2nd level connections who belong to one of the same LinkedIn Groups you do. While there are several avenues for connecting with others, this is the one I prefer. Because of this, I constantly stress joining ALL your LinkedIn groups, not just a couple. Sending a LinkedIn invite is easy, but very scary the first time you send one to a LinkedIn member you don’t know.  This is because LinkedIn will severely [Read More…]

Mar 082014
Using LinkedIn Search and Finding Your LION's

Find More Connections Faster – LinkedIn Search The standard free LinkedIn account only allows you to view the first 100 results for any search. When you are trying to initially build your network, one of the most useful tools is the LinkedIn Search Box on the top center of any page. When a LinkedIn member starts using the LinkedIn search, they often struggle in their attempts to control the results displayed.  But, even the basic search in LinkedIn is much more sophisticated than your normal Google Search. There are several ways to use this search as you progress through the [Read More…]

Mar 072014
LinkedIn FAQ - LinkedIn Search Results - Location

Why do people from other locations show up in my LinkedIn Search Results even though I type my city?   The LinkedIn search results for “Dynamics AX Milwaukee” as shown will include any people that mention “Milwaukee” in their profile. The LinkedIn search engine will not limit your results to profiles of people living or working in the Milwaukee area.  The profiles displayed on the LinkedIn search results page include members who attended UW-Milwaukee or held a position at a company in the Milwaukee area or simply mentioned the word “Milwaukee” in their profile. LinkedIn Search Results Control Panel Never fear, [Read More…]